The March rain brought a big sigh of relief along with the much needed moisture. And of course with replenishing rain comes a burst of new life... buds swell, flowers break out, stems shoot upward. And then, ever so silently, the maddening march of the marauders begins. All that lush new plant growth brings in the critters... both good and bad. Prepare yourself and your garden!

  • Be on the careful watch for aphids, scale, and other sucking insects as well as slugs and snails. Also be mindful that the moisture, coupled with the upcoming warmer weather, will promote fungus and bacterial problems.
  • The deer and rabbits delight in the delicacies of new plant growth...discourage their foraging before you are left with only stumps.

IN STOCK: Neem Oil is an organic insecticide, miticide, & fungicide.
The Gilmour Garden sprayer attaches to your hose and makes quick work of the task.
Sluggo knocks out the slim dwellers.
Deer Scram and Liquid Fence deter the larger garden gobblers.

  • Weeds erupt on the heels of the passing rains. Use pre-emergent of those seeds not yet germinated and smother the others with a thick layer of mulch.
  • Mulching not only deters the inevitable weeds, but preserves the moisture in the soil. Minimum of 2 inches deep.

IN STOCK: Seed Pre-emergent; Fir Mulch - buy 3 and get the 4th free.

  • Time to tune up the lawn mower, sharpen the blades, and fertilize the turf.

IN STOCK: Greenall Lawn Food; EB Stone Nature's Green Lawn Food

  • Make your wish list for your Vegetable Garden then come see us to select your veggie starts and Renee's seeds. We also have some lovely blueberry bushes and astonishing rhubarb.
  • Of course you have already prepared your beds and containers if you followed last month's garden tips! Otherwise, get busy and get them ready -- our Summer annuals are arriving soon...
  • New plants or transplants benefit from a boost of fertilizer when settling into a new home.

IN STOCK: Veggie seedlings, Renee's seeds, potting soil, Sure Start, and All Purpose Plant Food

FYI: Come See for Yourself!

  • Great selection of rhododendrons including the stunning cream-colored fragrant 'Heaven Scent'.
  • Terracotta Pots have arrived -- lots of shapes and sizes.
  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil -- will even encourage rocks to grow!

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